Get Out of the Way

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend time at a 3DM community of practice. I always  enjoy these, and learn quite a bit from those farther down the path of discipleship. One particular insight this year came when another church realized that they needed to sacrifice a position in their staff that was really good … Continue reading Get Out of the Way

Simple Mission

One of the things the church is great at (I think people are great at in general) is over complicating things - I know I've done my part! This can mess up a great many things, but one that I've noticed most recently is how we've complicated mission and evangelism. We've given formulas and methods … Continue reading Simple Mission

3 Important Checkpoints of Ministry Interns

You're ready for your fall programming to begin. All the pieces are in place for your kickoff, parent open houses, and leader training; then you remember your intern. What do you do with your intern? Internships have been a great part of my ministry - it's always exciting to give time and training to a … Continue reading 3 Important Checkpoints of Ministry Interns